[Verse 1: Your Old Droog]
Never stood on line for retros
And I only went to college to get hoes
Didn't even get the credits I was supposed to get
My scumbag friends was the only associates
Word to mother
As a kid, I just wanted that first Rage LP with dude burning on the cover
Just copped one yesterday as a memento
Bout to hit them with that Zach de la O speech impediment flow, ayo
The track bomb, m'mellow
Used to rage like Tom Morello, now I'm a calmer fellow
Don't gotta yell every bar, line
Still automobile jack cat named Carmine, make his car mine
Go from being a car villain
To watching James Carville
Down in Brazil
Amy Holmes roam hoods like I'm anonymous still
In your project like the Human Genome
I'm a G, you're a gnome
No more steaming dutch leaves, hold the weed in my fist
What you doing? Chilling, lamping
Being an unabashed hedonist
Getting smart off the Rage Against the Machine reading list

Rage [x12]

[Verse 2: Your Old Droog]
Never cared too much for Adolf
Or a president who smiled real good and played golf
I get smart getting dome from your moms, G
With phones on, call me [Phone] Chomsky
When I was 10, I stole 20 out my grandma's purse
Purchased Rage's CD with it, said I found it by the church
They was anti-capitalist
Thought it was dope how the lead singer had dreads and rapped with a lisp
My moms caught my Evil Empire tape
Shoulda threw it down the fire escape
Still forced myself to like it, felt cornered
But the one that I wanted, had No Shelter on it
Bought the Godzilla soundtrack
Listened to it with headphones that went around the back
"Forthright culture, Americana"
I wonder what they have to say about Eric Garner
Why did Bush knock down the towers?
Why ya mans had to climb that tower, at the VMAs?
From that first album with the burning monk
To Renegades of Funk

We love
Rage [x13]
(Your humor is a gift)

(You heard? Ju heard? Ju herd?)

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Rage Against The Machine Lyrics

Your Old Droog – Rage Against The Machine Lyrics